Here’s another stunner from Richard Rohr. Richard has a knack of cutting straight to the depth of God’s character. I reckon he can do that because he spends alot of time being still before God – something I don’t do very well. Check this out:

God cares, for some wonderful reason, despite all of our smallness and silliness. Divine love does not depend on our doing nice or right things. Divine love is not determined by the worthiness of the object of love but by the Subject, who is always and only Love. God does not love us if we change, as we almost all think; but God loves us so that we can change. 

No matter what we do, God, in great love and humility, says, “That’s what I work with. That’s all I work with!”  It’s the mustard seed with which God does great things. Our life experiences, “good and bad alike,” are invited to the great wedding feast (Matthew 22:10). They are the raw material that God uses to prepare the banquet.

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