Christian psychologist Larry Crabb wrote a book some years ago called ‘The Safest Place on Earth’. In it he talks about the fact that the Christian community is ideally one where people feel safe to be themselves, to express honestly their hopes, joys, frustrations and dreams.

Photo by Sanja GjeneroLife is rich. I have been fortunate to know what it is to be part of a community where people are free to express their hurts in an atmosphere of unconditional acceptance and non-judgmental concern. This is what we all hope our families to be. It is also why it is such a tragedy and a travesty when that sense of trust is horrifically betrayed by those in trusted positions.

The Christian community is so much richer when people stop being ‘nice’ in the sense of trying to please people, and instead love one another and are free to speak into each others’ lives. This of course takes alot of time and building up of personal relationships. It can also be easily abused. However a healthy family and community is one where people can express their true feelings and know that they will be heard and that their relationships with others in the community will not be endangered because of what they said. This is what love is.

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