Sometimes you need some inspiration in life. It can come from anywhere, and when you get it, you realise that your life has been a little dull of late. A friend recently sent me this slideshow of photos taken by the Latin American writer,  Gabriel García Marquez, and it did the trick for me. I have never heard of Marquez until now, but I feel like I want to thank him. Along with some simply stunning photos of Paris, he has written his thoughts on life as he struggles with lymphatic cancer.

Reading his musings, as well as having been to Paris in 2003, it gave me the type of inspiration I had when I was a teenager and read the advice to young men in the book of Proverbs for the first time and realised that that was the sort of person I wanted to be. This is just the sort of thing we need in our Facebook world where we struggle to concentrate, are constantly rushed, and where we are paralysed with the amount of choice we have. And it will only get worse in this silly season. Hopefully this slideshow will give you some inspiration like it gave me. Check it out here.

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