No, it’s not today, but today is a great day to spread the word on this global movement that will culminate in millions of people the world over gathering to wake up the world on action to prevent dangerous climate change.

As you would probably be aware, today is World Environment Day. And the way time flies these day due to the busyness of our lives, the International Day of Climate Action on 24 October will soon be upon us.

An organisation called 350 have put this campaign together. The name has been given as a result of, as the 350 website states,

“NASA’s James Hansen and a team of other scientists recently published a series of papers showing that we need to cut the amount of carbon in the atmosphere from its current 387 parts per million to 350 or less if we wish to “maintain a planet similar to that on which civilization developed.””

The folks at 350 have put together a cool clip that seeks to explain the science of climate change along with how to deal with it, in today’s universal language of visual media. Check it out:

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As the science becomes clearer, the sceptics are getting more desperate. The recent Washington conference of climate sceptics seemed like just another rehash of the same old tired, worn out arguments that our own journalists like Andrew Bolt can’t let go of. The message that action is needed more than ever needs to be screamed from the mountain tops. And thankfully, it is people like those at 350 who are doing it.

The website for the International Day of Climate Action has plenty of information on how to organise to get together on the day and make your own show of solidarity with others on the planet in calling for urgent action.

For those of you with a Christian faith interest in the importance of dealing with climate change, can I direct you to this article I wrote a few years ago on why care for the earth is such a crucial aspect of following Jesus.

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