The ever-valuable ABC website had some interesting stories recently on happiness and how we can achieve what seems so elusive, despite us having seemingly everything in our power in the 21st century to grasp it.

The first ‘finding’ was that, surprise, surprise, looking to others more than ourselves makes us happy. These are the findings of the Happiness Institute. Yes, we even have a think-tank devoted to this deepest of human yearnings. Dr. Tim Sharp, founder of the Happiness Institute, says that thinking about the happiness of others is the key to finding it ourselves.

The next article is another encouraging one, because it comes from none other than the head of the US Federal Reserve, Ben Bernanke. He recently advised university students not to pursue careers solely to become wealthy. He also “urged students to make time for their family and friends and to contribute to the wider community”.

I love the fact that we have institutions like the ABC that promote these sorts of findings and statements from those with some sort of authority. Because you wouldn’t think what Tim Sharp and Ben Bernanke were saying was true at all if you looked at the rest of the media. Jesus made the Good Samaritan the hero of that great story and tells us to go and do likewise. As well as this, he warns against the trappings of wealth. Tim Sharp and Ben Bernanke are in good company.

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