What a wonderful planet we inhabit. My wife and I spent a few days down at Ocean Grove recently. It was a time to just get away and reflect and recuperate after some stressful months. On one of the days we went for a drive and stopped at nearby Bluff Lookout and gazed over the vastness of the ocean. As I looked out over towards the horizon, I was struck by the beauty of the world. What a wonderful planet, I thought, as I watched the waves crashing against rugged rocks.

Another thought also struck me as I saw a plane flying over head and as I noticed the dome of the earth reaching down to the horizon on the deep blue yonder. I was struck with the thought again that as I look at the world I cannot help but be moved to sense that we are here for a purpose. The very fact that this world is teeming with life, the fact that we have clean air to breathe and that we have minds that can work out how to build machines that can fly through that air, makes me realise that all that we see around us could not possibly have arisen by chance. Because that’s what the alternative is if there is no God. Even Richard Dawkins, that staunchest of atheists, when once asked if this is all there is, remarked emphatically, “what more could you want?! This is beautiful!”

Dawkins is right. We do indeed live in a beautiful world. Sometimes it takes a moment of reflection like I was able to have on that cliff face to realise that, and wonder at the magnitude of life, the vastness of creation, and the beauty of all that we see around us. This is no accident. We are here for a purpose. Thank You Lord for reminding me of that again through the wonders of what You have made.

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