This book builds on the extraordinary influence of its predecessor, Same Kind of Different As Me. It tells stories of how readers of that book were influenced by the story of wealthy art dealer Ron, and homeless man Denver, and their initial reluctance and then determined perseverance to bring good news to the poor. The inspiration behind this story though is Ron’s now deceased wife, Debbie, as she struggles and eventually succumbs to the ravages of cancer. Throughout this short but moving account, tales of Debbie’s humility and determination to make a difference abound.

The stories in What Difference Do It Make? are ones of hope amidst suffering, and of resilience in the midst of heartache. What I love about Denver’s story in particular is that he tells it like it is, in his own language. There is no pretence, and no feeble attempts at respectability. It is just Denver, the way God made him. One of the points Denver brings across in different ways throughout this tome is that, if you want to know what it’s like to be homeless, don’t go to a conference on homelessness, but speak to someone who actually is or has been homeless (or better still, spend a few nights on the streets with them).


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