aboriginal_christian_art_dotcross_alice_This week is Reconciliation Week in Australia. I think we have come a fairly long way in the healing of our past failings with our Indigenous brothers and sisters. But to get an accurate answer to that question, it’s of course best to ask them. There is still much racism in our country, and it’s great that one of the benefits of technology is that you can’t get away with it for as long anymore these days. You will be exposed very quickly if you do or say something offensive.

As usual, the AFL is doing a good job at reconciliation. We have many Indigenous players and they are a great role model for young indigenous kids throughout the nation. This weekend’s Dreamtime at the ‘G event was another masterpiece.

One of the beautiful songs I have sung at church for many years is the Aboriginal Lord’s Prayer. It is a wonderfully honest version of Jesus’ model of prayer for us. It is honest about the hurts that Aboriginal people have experienced (and continue to experience), and it is a humble admission of the fact that all of us, black or white, have done wrong and need forgiveness. Here are the lyrics:

Aboriginal Lord’s Prayer
Words: Warmun Community, Music: Tiwi community Broome
© 1996 Tiwi Community WA, Broome Catholic Diocese

You are our Father, You live in Heaven
We talk to You, Father, You are good. (repeat)

We believe Your Word, Father, we Your children.
Give us bread today. (repeat)

We have done wrong, we are sorry.
Help us Father, not to sin again. (repeat)

Others have done wrong, to us
And we are sorry for them, Father today. (repeat)

Stop us from doing wrong, Father,
Save us all from the evil one. (repeat)

You are our Father, You live in Heaven.
We talk to You, Father, You are good. (repeat)

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