Small quotes often have great impact. As I think about why I write, a number of things that people have said over the ages have come to mind. I am a broken person, just like anyone else. I have nothing which I have not been given. Only a handful of people may ever read this website, or millions the world over may read it. Numbers don’t matter. If a grain of truth can penetrate this world, then that is enough. That has power. Jesus said the kingdom is like yeast working through a whole batch of dough. And my pastor has said that the value of any creative work cannot be measured by the size or response of the audience.

There is a danger in wanting to do ‘great things’ for God. Mother Teresa famously said once that we cannot do great things, only little things with great love. It’s very easy to cross that thin line between wanting the gospel to be heard and wanting yourself to be heard in the name of that same good news. And another thing – Jesus said the “greatest among you will be your servant”, and “I am among you as one who serves.” This is a huge challenge to the blogger like me who is constantly tempted to gain the whole world through saying something profound. But it is through weakness that God works, and through foolishness that He shuns the wise.

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