Someone told me once how, in our culture, we don’t seem to seek out the older generation to mentor us. Rowland Croucher is one such elder statesman who has been a mentor to many a burnt out pastor over so many years. Our society needs more people like him to turn to for their wisdom that only comes with the experience of life and a maturity that comes from long days and nights spent in meditation, prayer and contemplation on the vagaries of this life. Here are a few examples of such wisdom:

“Enemies and close friends are the only two groups who will tell you the truth about yourself.”

“Walter Brueggeman said in answer to the question ‘What’s the Old Testament about?: ‘It’s about a God of grace who often breaks the rules God has set for God’s creatures.'”

“Success will feed your ego, but never your soul”

More can be found on his website.

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