These are sermons I have mainly preached at the St Martin’s east church in Croydon. This church is no longer active. Our eastern suburbs church is now at St Martin’s Lilydale.

The waiting servant

The prodigal son

The transfiguration

Zechariah and Elizabeth


Introduction to the Book of Acts

The trinity

A man named Stephen

Building friendships in the Body of Christ

The sermon below on the environment was preached at my place of work as part of World Environment Day 2006.  It was preceded by Psalm 148 as sung by the Sons of Korah. Click here to listen to the song and then read the sermon.

The environment – why should Christians care?


Zacchaeus – transformed by love

Things are not as they seem

Salvation offered for all

Flesh and Spirit – Resurrection

Emmaus – From Broken Dreams to Restored Reality To listen to an MP3 of the sermon, click here. (22MB)

Are we Modern Day Pharisees or Saints?

Trust – Without Jesus We’re Sunk

Grace isn’t fair!

The Rapture – Should it be Left Behind?

Bound for Glory – via the Cross

Works without Faith is Dead

Free to Love! 

The Ultimate Power Grab

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