These are reviews of movies, books, websites and albums I have seen, read and listened to and which have a relevant social message for today. They have appeared in various publications including Sight Magazine and John Mark Ministries.

Movie Reviews

Hotel Rwanda

An Inconvenient Truth

The Last King of Scotland


Amazing Grace

I am Legend


The Day the Earth Stood Still

Up in the Air

Book Reviews

These are reviews of books I have read and would recommend.

Simply Christian, N.T. Wright, 2006

Credible Witness, Darren Cronshaw, 2006

The Case for the Real Jesus, Lee Strobel, 2007

The Dawkins Delusion?, Alister McGrath with Joanna Collicutt McGrath, 2007

The Trouble with Paris, Mark Sayers, 2008

Another Way to Love, Tim Costello & Rod Yule (eds), 2009

Sitting at the Feet of Rabbi Jesus, Ann Spangler & Lois Tverberg, 2009

Fearless, Max Lucado, 2009

The Depression Cure, Stephen S. Ilardi

What Difference Do It Make?, Ron Hall, Denver Moore, Lynn Vincent

Website Reviews

These are reviews of websites I have been to.

The Big Switch

Jubilee Centre

The BioLogos Foundation

Album Reviews

No Line on the Horizon – U2

Life, Death, Love & Freedom – John Mellencamp

Check out this YouTube video of Mellencamp’s ‘A Ride Back Home’, a cry to Jesus for help in a world where we can often feel overwhelmed by inhumanity and our own weaknesses.



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