There seems to have been alot written about doubt and certainty recently. Someone recently told me that the opposite of faith is certainty. I know what this person means, but I see it in the sense of having certainty with faith. Faith comes first, but certainty can come from that, but it’s still faith because it can’t be proven. There seem to be people implying today that doubt is the best we can hope for. In saying that doubt is perfectly legitimate (which I think it is), they say that we can never hope for certainty and with this I would fervently disagree. It is when we are certain about our faith that our faith is stronger. It has been said that faith is not strongest without doubt but in spite of it. I’m still not sure about that. I understand that if my faith can withstand challenge and the doubts that come up in my mind, then it is growing, however my goal is certainty, and when I am certain I trust God more as I am not wondering ‘what if it isn’t true?’.

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