As part of this blog, I intend to put in my thoughts about life, the universe and social issues. Some relate to the world (or universe!) as a whole, while others are more locally related.

I’ll start with the issue of public transport in Melbourne which is really pretty bad.

If I was the Victorian Premier, I would not build more freeways, but instead invest heavily in more and better public transport. Melbourne needs and could support a train system like that in Berlin, Prague and London, where the system is laid out like a spider’s web, where passengers can change lines at certain stations across the city. There is big myth that more freeways reduce traffic congestion. The Public Transport User’s Association have powerfully debunked this myth with facts and observations over a number of years.
Melbourne also needs a CBD tax for cars as is done in some other cities (I think London is doing this). I would retain tolls on City Link and am not against tolls on EastLink (and I live right in the heart of where EastLink is being built).