Every election time in Australia lately we have heard alot about Christian values. We have been given lists and we have been told in no uncertain terms how we should vote according to these ‘values.’ The video below is from Jeff Fulmer over at Hometown Prophet (the title of a book he has recently written). The clip is US-centric but the principle applies equally to Australia.

One point I would add is that of course Christian faith is not about values. It is about Jesus, it is personal and it is social all at the same time. Anyone can have values but only Jesus gives us a relationship which gives us the power to follow him. It is about transformation at every level of existence, from our hearts to our society to our environment. “Behold I make all things new” (Rev 21:5). I think Jeff would agree wholeheartedly with this but I think it’s best to mention it in case anyone isn’t sure.

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