Martin Luther King said in as many words that any Gospel that doesn’t take into account the plight of the poor is not the Gospel of Jesus Christ. And Sojourners founder Jim Wallis said once that we need conversion everyday. It is a process that we need to constantly be reminded of.

What have these two statements got to do with each other? Well, Voices for Justice was a catalyst for a kind of reconversion for me. Over those few days in Canberra I was immersed in God’s love for the poor and his passion for justice. I realised too that this is a life that requires assertiveness. It is about taking a stand and being a voice – a voice for justice. As a lobby group leader I had to move beyond my sense of inadequacy and just do what is right. That’s what it takes but anyone an do it. All you need is a passion for God and God’s ways. If we ask we will receive, and we can be a prophet of hope for millions who live daily with none.

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